• Request support for nutrition coordination, information management and nutrition in emergencies

  • التماس الدعم لتنسيق التغذية وإدارة المعلومات والتغذية في حالات الطوارئ

  • Buscar apoyo para la coordinación de la nutrición, la gestión de la información y la nutrición en situaciones de emergencia

  • Demander un appui pour la coordination de la nutrition, la gestion de l'information et la nutrition dans les situations d'urgence

  • Solicite apoio para coordenação em nutrição, gestão de informação e nutrição em emergências

Technical Assistance for Nutrition in Emergencies

The Global Nutrition Cluster Technical Alliance supports countries, agencies, and nutrition practitioners in humanitarian situations with technical assistance to meet the nutrition rights and needs of people affected by emergencies.

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The GNC Technical Alliance (the Alliance) is a common global mechanism endorsed by over 40 Global Nutrition Cluster partners to provide systematic, predictable, timely, and coordinated nutrition technical assistance in order to meet the nutrition rights and needs of people affected by emergencies. The GNC Technical Alliance is led by UNICEF as the Cluster Lead Agency, together with co-lead, World Vision International.

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WHO Guideline on the prevention and management of wasting and nutritional oedema..

WHO Guideline on the Prevention and Management of Wasting and Nutritional Oedema (Acute Malnutrition) Management Section Thursday, 20 July 2023, 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (EST) The Global Action Plan on Child Wasting called upon the ...

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Latest technical questions

Organization of a training on ISC and review document

Robert would like to organize a training on ISC in CAR and also wanted some technical inputs into a nutritional response document following the change in IPC classification.
1 call organized ISC previous F2F training package was shared Technical comments provided into the new nutritional response in affected areas

Review and finalize the ISC experience case study

A case study on ISC was drafted last year but was not complete. The case study needed to be reviewed by the GNC ISC helpdesk and feedback with clusters coordinators in country necessary.
Few calls took place with the NCC and with other clusters coordinators from BF. Document has been fully reviewed by GNC helpdesk and circulated a couple of times in country for inputs. Now at the last round of exchanges to validate the document from the 4 clusters in country.

Request for Sub-national Cluster Coordinator ToR

Hello, We're seeking examples of sub-national cluster coordinator ToRs, and I believe Nutrition has one. However, this page mentions that the example will be uploaded soon. https://www.nutritioncluster.net/resource_subnational_cluster_coordinator_TOR

Would you happen to have this example available?

Many thanks,

General ToR and example TORs shared.

Brainstorming sessions to deploy ISC in NE Nigeria

Lawrence is currently the NCC co-lead, but there is no NCC at the moment.
Lawrence wanted to discuss the first key steps to move forward the ISC in NE Nigeria.
1 call was organized Guidance sent on how to establish ISC Next call scheduled in April.

Review and finalisation of the ISC case study

the writing of the case study on ISC from DRC was initiated last year but needed to be reviewed and finalize.
Several calls were organized in February with Kalil to exchange on the progress of the case study and adress questions. Case study was re-written Now in the publication stage

help to define 1st steps of ISC

1 call to define where Ethiopia is up to in term of ISC - where they want to go and how to organize themselves around ISC
Call organized Guidance shared

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